Frequently Asked Questions

What is the program schedule?

6:00  to  7:00  Lantern registration and lantern decoration
7:00  to  7:45  Remembrance
7:45  to  8:00  Preparation for group procession
8:00  to  8:15  Procession to Rainbow Bridge (Larger Pier)
8:15  to  8:30  Blessing of the lanterns
8:30  to  9:00  Lantern release
9:00  to  9:15  Closing remarks

Is there an admission fee involved? No, our event is free to the public. However, to participate in the lantern floating, you should reserve a lantern before the event, otherwise, we cannot guarantee there will be a lantern for you the day of the event.

May I bring my dog? Bringing dogs to the event is not encouraged. The night is about honoring our departed companions, not the ones we are lucky enough to still have with us. Please understand that we aim to encourage connection with other fellow animal lovers, not dog on dog love :o). Also, keep in mind that we will have a full schedule that includes the lantern decorating, the procession, lantern floating etc. and it will be very difficult to juggle all of that and your dog as well.

Will the event take place rain or shine? Short answer, yes.
Any rain delays will be communicated via our Facebook and Twitter pages. Once we start setting up (as per City of Orlando regulations) the event cannot be cancelled. In the event that we do have to cancel before 5pm (which is highly unlikely) our rain date will be the following Saturday.

How do I reserve a lantern? They can be reserved online by visiting: https://caninememorial2015.eventbrite.com. Lanterns will be available for pick up in a designated area on the day of the event. Please bring a printed copy of the receipt as proof of payment in order to receive your lantern(s).

I cannot be there to personally float a lantern, can I still participate? Yes, you can order an absentee lantern, and request to have your remembrances written onto it by a volunteer. We will then set it afloat for you the night of the event. You must select Absentee Lantern if you are choosing this option! **Please remember deadline to order absentee lanterns online is April 24th.

What should I bring? If you are floating a lantern, bring a 5″ x 7″ photocopy of a picture of your beloved pet companion to be attached to it. You are welcome to bring a picture of yourself and your beloved to be placed on our memorial wall as well.

Art supplies for lantern decoration will be provided by Sam Flax. Any decorations must be made of natural, biodegradable materials. Please note: Heavy decorations will make the lanterns tilt when placed in the water therefore, they will not be allowed.

Where can I park? There are several parking areas around the community, as well as three main parking lots. (see diagram)


Will there be food available? No. But if you come in early, you can support our local economy by visiting any of our downtown Baldwin Park’s wonderful restaurants. You can also bring a packed meal and blanket/chairs for a picnic-style dinner at Harbor Park. Water bottles will be provided for free, courtesy of Whole Foods in Winter Park. Please note, no alcoholic beverages will be permitted in either one of the parks.

Can I bring my own lantern to float? Out of concern for the safety of the participants and the environment, outside lanterns will not be allowed. Our lanterns had to be pre-approved, due to Fire Department’s restrictions.

Do you use real candles? No, for the safety of the environment and all those involved, we have decided to use flickering LED lights instead. They have the same effect, plus they stay lit for hours, making them easier to find when it’s time to retrieve the lanterns from the lake.

What happens to the lanterns after the ceremony? Every single lantern will be retrieved from the water right after the event and a crew will check again the following morning. Some of the wooden parts will cleaned and stored for future usage, while all the sleeves with the dedicated remembrances will be removed and handled in a proper and respectful way.
The sleeves from previous years’ were collected and given to Orlando artist Linda Brant who during this years’ event will invite the public to participate in an interactive art project entitled ‘Mourned and Unmourned.’ Brant created a series of collages from the paper remnants to represent the canine companions that we have mourned. To represent the ‘unmourned,’ Brant will invite attendees to help her hang 1583 dog tags inscribed with the word ‘Unknown,’ on site at Harbor Park. Why 1583 tags? “According to Orange County Animal Services,” said Brant, “there were 1583 dogs euthanized at their facility in 2014. By hanging a tag with the word ‘Unknown’ for each of these dogs, I hope to call attention to the forgotten ones that die each year and to encourage people to consider adopting dogs from shelters such as OCAS.” At the conclusion of the ceremony, participants will be encouraged to take home a dog tag from the art display (free of charge) as a memento. If you wish to know more about the artist and her amazing work, visit: http://www.lindabrant.net/

Is Floating Lantern Memorials a non-profit?  FLM is a for-profit social good corporation created with the purpose of organizing collective pet memorials in our communities.

DISCLAIMER: All participants understand that Floating Lantern Memorials, Inc., has no control over unforeseen events nor will be held responsible for any loss, injury or damage to any person or property that may occur as a result.

Thank you so much for your interest. We hope to see you there!